5 best capsicum recipes, how to make capsicum recipes | shimla mirch recipes

Capsicum recipes – with step by step pictures. you can prepare these capsicum recipes or shimla mirch recipes in very quick time. each capsicum recipe has their unique taste and flavor. these recipes not only have quick and simple process they also have an ultimate taste. I am showing my easy capsicum recipes which are most delicious and goes well with rice or roti or briyani or poori. i am showing capsicum recipes in andhra style and north indian style.

capsicum recipes

capsicum recipes

In India capsicum also known as Shimla mirch, bangalore mirch, bangalore mirapakaya. We can use capsicum in so many dishes like curries, briyani, fried rice, chutneys. We can get three types of chilli peppers like red, green and yellow. It contains vitamin A and C.

capsiucm recipes

capsicum has vitamin C which is two times more than we can get vitamin c from orange, So, I got shocked and I thought to share some delicious Shimla mirch recipes. I will add some more recipes to the post like capsicum rice and stuffed Shimla mirch in soon. All recipes shared here are with step wise pictures, these delicious recipes are quick, healthy and easy recipes.

I went through google to know the capsicum health benefits, then I found this helpful article which is from timesofindia. Just I am highlighting few points of capsicum health benefits like

  • Capsicum contains vitamin A, C and K.
  • It also has vitamin A which is good for eye and skin and it also prevent some eye diseases.
  • It helps in prevention of cancer.
  • It also works as a plain relief.
  • If also helpful in burning calories.
  • It also is good for hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Try other Indian curry recipes like meal maker curry, mushroom curry for chapathi, sorakaya currylong green brinjal curry, long brinjal curry, dum aloo, shahi mushroom, drumstick kaju curry, aloo curry with coconut masala. Among all the bell pepper recipes I like most capsicum masala recipe and stuffed capsicum recipe.

The following are the collection of some of easy capsicum recipes:

Capsicum masala recipe for rice or roti – is very delicious indian curry. We can say this is one of the most delicious curry among all Shimla mirch recipes. I am showing this masala recipe in andhra style. This sabzi will be prepared in less than 20 minutes.

punjabi capsicum masala recipe,www.slsrecipes.com

capsicum curry for chapthi

Capsicum gravy curry – is one of my favorite curry because it has an unique taste. The groundnut gravy is perfectly suits for bangalore mirch. It has very simple process to prepare. You can have this curry with rice/roti/poori. It is one of the excellent side dishes for poori. If your kids wont eat capsicum then try this curry.capsiucm recipes

aloo capsicum recipe – quick, healthy & delicious curry. This curry is made with bell peppers, potatoes & tomato.This aloo shimla mirch fry recipe is my favorite curry. It is a dry recipe that means no gravy in the curry. This fry is one of the quickest vegetable curries which are so helpful when there is no time in our hands.capsicum recipes

capsicum fry recipe is one of my most favorite curry. This curry has very rich texture taste because of almonds powder. This curry is very simple to prepare. This one of the helpful curries to do when there is no time in our hands. You can have this curry with rice/idly/rotis.capsicum recipes

Aloo sabzi with capsicum gravy is very delicious curry. In this curry the gravy is prepared by capsicum.Yes we are preparing the gravy with capsicum which gives an excellent taste to the potatoes. This is a good alternative for regular capsicum & potato fry curry / masala curry. This curry goes well with rice/rotis.capsicum recipes

Capsicum sabji has an awesome taste. The masala gravy will give nice flavor to the peppers pieces. This curry will goes excellent with rice/rotis. We can have this capsicum sabji with chapathi.

capsicum sabji | shimla mirch recipe | capsicum recipe for rice

capsicum sabji

Hope you like all these five capsicum recipes, For the latest recipes, sweets and breakfast, like us on facebook or google plus.

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capsicum recipes | shimla mirch recipes
Cook time
Total time
capsicum recipes - easy, healthy and delicious indina curries serves with rice / roti / briyani / poori.
Serves: 4 people
  • Capsicum or shimla mirch or bell peppers – 3 medium
  • Groundnuts or peanuts-20-25 grams
  • Sesame seeds -20-25 grams
  • Salt -1 ½ tbsp as per your taste
  • Chilly powder -3/4th tbsp as per your taste
  • Tamarind
  • Tomato – 1 medium
  • Onion – 1 medium
  • Jeera or cumin seeds -1/4th tbsp
  • Coriander seeds -1/4th tbsp
  • sugar – ½ tbsp
  • Water
  1. Heat a pan and dry roast groundnuts until they get golden color (dry roast the peanuts on medium flame other wise they will burn). Now remove them into a plate. In the same pan dry roast the sesame seeds until they gets golden color (sesame seeds will roast very quickly it usually takes 1 – 2 minutes), switch off the flame. Now make them to cool. Wash capsicum and tomato thoroughly. Chop the capsicum and tomato into small pieces, Chop the onion into fine pieces. To prepare the curry paste, take a mixy jar add fried sesame seeds, ground nuts, jeera, coriander seeds, tamarind, sugar or jaggery, and chilly powder, now make them into fine paste with the help of water. Heat a mini pressure cooker or kadai, add oil, onions, salt and fry the onions until they are translucent. Now add tomatoes and fry until they are little smashy. Now add masala gravy. Fry the gravy until it oozes the oil from its surroundings. Now add the capsicum pieces and fry for 2min. Add ¼th cup of water and keep the lid. Cook the curry for 3 whistles and switch off the flame. You can have this delicious and nutritious capsicum recipe with rice, frankies or rotis.

  • given measurments in each curry perfectly suits for 2 people which includes lunch and dineer.

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capsicum recipes for rice roti | how to make capsicum recipes
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